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  • Middle Eastern Middle Eastern (culture)
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  • Haunting Haunting (behaviour)

The Zar is a terrible possessing Demon from the beliefs of the Abyssinian people. There has been one historical account from 1865 that detailed how a woman became possessed by a Zar. The Zar in its true form resembles a leopard. However it has the power to possess the mind of others but it only takes control of the mind of an unmarried woman. This spirit usually takes young women as its victims and causes them to stand and stare into space as they growl ferociously. They writhe and stare in a most hideous manner as they do this. Once possessed by the Zar there is only two cures- either to proceed with an exorcism or to have the woman whipped. Unfortunately these methods do not destroy the Zar Demon, they merely placate it or give it new orders to bother someone else.

The Zar is a most powerful spirit and it has the strength to purge out and destroy other Demons that possess a person. Therefore sometimes a Zar is used to replace a Demon that is possessing someone. Although Zars are powerful they cause much less pain and damage than other Demons who cause disease and dangerous temptations.

The word Zar is also used for the exorcism and ritual of the Zar Demon is which may women take part. This Zar ritual is also used for social bonding between women as well as dealing with the possessed women.

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