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Werewolves are cannibalistic humans who have the ability to turn into a wolf at night to feed on other humans. This transformation takes place either at full moon, by wearing wolf skin or permanently being in the form of an animal by a curse. The cause of becoming a Werewolf differs from the various types. Some turn into a Werewolf by eating the brains of a wolf (which is practiced by Sorcerers), by being conceived during a full moon, by drinking water that a wolf has drunk, sleeping under a full moon on a Friday, living a bestial life, being touched by a wolf, eating certain herbs or by being cursed. They can be recognized in their human form as they may have different coloured eyes, a uni-brow above their eyes, short clawed fingers or fangs instead of canine teeth.

The Werewolf dates back to the time of ancient Greece where they are known as the Lycanthrope. It became very popular in medieval Europe. During 1520 1630 in France, over 30,000 people were sentenced to death, being accused of being a Werewolf. After the 18th century the belief of the Werewolf became more fiction than fact.

There are many variations of the Were-wolf from all mythologies. The Loup Garou a terrifying beast from France, that was man by day wolf by night. The only cure was exorcism.

One famous story comes from Bosnian mythology about a man called Zmag Oghjeni Vuk who grew up with a sabre mark on his body. This mark predicted that he would be a very special Werewolf. Unlike most Werwolves, Zmag Oghjeni Vuk was able to transform into a wolf-man at will during the night. He used this ability to overcome a fierce and terrible Dragon that had killed many a hero.

There are many types of Werewolves imbedded in Eastern European belief. These include Vlkodlaks or Vookodlaks of Slovakia, Vircolac in the Balkan states, Vulkodlac in Russia. These Eastern European Werewolves like the Vilktais of Lithuania were said to live in caves hoarding a huge pile of treasure. This tempted would be heroes to venture out and destroy the beasts to claim the treasure.

There was believed to be a race of Argentinean Were-wolves called Tigre Capiango. These were people who could transform themselves into Jaguars by night and would ravage the countryside. In modern history people would dress up as Tigre Capiangos to scare others.

Other forms of Wereweolves include Lob Ombre in Spain and the Lob Omen in Portugal. Unlike most Werewolves the Lob Ombre and Lob Omen preferred to eat gemstones rather than meat.

In Java located in the Pacific region of the world the fearsome beast the Anjing Ajak was a Werewolf of gigantic proportions.

There are also many variants of Werewolves such as Were-Hares, Were-Leopards, Were-Crocodiles, Were-Hyenas and many more in various cultures around the globe.

A more modern day Werewolf is the Bray Road Beast, a large 400-700lb bear-like creature that stalks the roads of Wisconsin. It appeared in the 1980s and has been dubbed a Werewolf by the media. There is much speculation of this cryptzoological creature some believe it to be a real mythical beast while others claim that is simply an extinct Waheela.

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