Also known as Thrym.

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  • Norse Norse (culture)
  • Giant Giant (attribute)
  • Domestic Domestic (attribute)
  • Mountain Dweller Mountain Dweller (attribute)
  • Troublesome Troublesome (behaviour)
  • Frost Giants Frost Giants (common type)

A Giant from Norse myth whose name means ‘Frost’ and he is the leader of the Hrimthursar, the Frost Giants. He is the son of Kari and a brother to Skadi, Thiassi and Bel. His children are Frosti, Johul and Snoer. In the epic saga of Thrymskvida (900 AD), Thrymr stole the sacred Miolnir the war hammer of Thor. The gods agreed that the goddess Freya should be given as a wife to Thrymr. Thrymr agreed to this but Freya argued with the gods and refused to be married. Loki persuaded Thor to dress up as Freya and go instead. At the wedding feast, Thrymr was surprised to see that his newly wedded wife could consume so much food. He ate a whole ox, several salmon and three casks of ale. When Thrymr presented the hammer to his wife, Thor took the hammer and killed the Frost Giant. He then slew all the Giants at the feast who got in his way as he travelled back to the gods in Asgard.

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