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The Santer is one of the many creatures from the tales told by the lumberjacks of Wisconsin and Minnesota in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The Santer was a varmint from Mason and Dixon Line. It was commonly found in western North Carolina. It has a long body covered in red fur with a large round bald head. It has long legs and feet staring at its prey with small eyes and a mean look. Its tail is as long as its body and it has 8 knots in it causing its tail to resemble a string of beads. It can use its tail to knock out a cow or hog but rarely does it fight as it uses its great speed to flee from scraps. The Santer is not a danger to humans but it does feed on livestock. It lives in swamps near villages close to cattle and hogs. It has a horrible wail and dogs are too scared to attack one.

Once a calf was found injured by a Santer. It had 7 clear bruises on its body and a broken leg. By each of the bruises was red hair clearly indicating that this was an attack from a Santer.

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