Also known as Raksa, Rasha.

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Evil spirits of Hindu belief that take many forms. They can look like animals and humans. Hanuman once observed the Raksas and having sharp teeth, flaming eyes and an extremely large tongue. Some had long arms, some were fat with pot bellies and pendulous breasts, some were lean and skinny, and some had heads of humans while others had heads of donkeys, horses, snakes or elephants. Some had multiple heads and sometimes they were described as having red hair and beards. Some were giant while others were Dwarves. They were born from Daksa the skilful and the foot of Brahma and their lead was Ravana the Demon. These are powerful creatures whose strength increases during the night. During the hours of darkness they case sickness and death to humans. They disturb priests in their sacrifices and devour human beings. They represent all the various evils and non-virtues of man such as greed jealousy and violence. They show hatred towards the gods and humans but to each other they are friendly. Since they act only under the influence of Ravana, the gods gave them a fabulous jewelled palace to live in.

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