Also known as Fenix.

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A golden bird in both Greek and Egyptian mythology. According to the Greeks the Phoenix lives in Arabia near a cool well. It would bath each morning in water and sing a very beautiful and charming song. The song is so magical and moving that even the sun-god Apollo stops his chariot in the sky to listen. It lived for 500 (or in some cases 1461) years and then at the end of its life it would be consumed in fire and was reborn as a golden egg to hatch again. It was the first creature to be created and it emerged from the primordial mud. It then became the icon for an undying empire in the Roman Empire. The Phoenix made its nest out of aromatic wood and then set this wood on fire releasing a beautiful cloud of perfume from its nest. The Egyptian Phoenix has the body shape of a heron. In classical literature, the Phoenix is depicted as an eagle or peacock.

The Phoenix is believed to be related to the Garuda and the Roc.

This fiery bird is also known as Milcham in Jewish belief and Feng Hwang in Chinese belief. The Japanese refer to the Phoenix as Ho-o and the ancient Egyptians know it as Bennu. In Christianity it became an emblem for the resurrection of Jesus. According to ancient Jewish scriptures, the Phoenix gained its title as an exquisite and grand animal when it decided not to board the boat of Noah understanding that Noah was already overburdened with many animals.

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