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A race of serpent men in Indian mythology. They were created by a sage called Kasyapa who had twelve wives. They had many interesting offspring, one of which was the Naga. Nagas live in waterways and underground in water caves. They are a vengeful when humans ignore pollute or destroy nature. They punish men by manifesting as skin diseases and causing other problems. They can also have a benevolent attitude to men by bestowing blessing on their crops for good fortune. Many Nagas look much like cobras and are seen sheltering Buddhist masters including the Buddha himself. The Buddhist Nagarjuna is protected by Nagas as he received ancient Buddhist scriptures from them that had been lost for centuries. According to Buddhist belief the King of Nagas is Muchalinda and according to Hindu belief it is Vasuki. Nagas usually are preyed upon by their enemies the Garudas.

The Nagas are also said to be a race of warriors from ancient Indian history. The word ‘naga’ comes from the Sanskrit meaning ‘snake’. It is believed that these may have been people who worshiped snakes or reptiles. There were three main Naga Kings: Ananta, Vasuki and Takshaka. There were many other chief Nagas. This race was said to have conquered different parts of the world in different times in history. Later they purified themselves with the water of the Ganges and engaged in Asvamedha Yagyas.

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