Mongolian Death Worm

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A creature that was reported to have lived in the Gobi desert with the shape of large segmented worm. The Worm was deep red in colour and was 2 5ft long. It is sometimes described as having large dark spots or is spined. It had a large hole for its mouth that is lined with teeth. What is most interesting about this worm is that it can kill from a large distance by using its electric bolts that it fires at its victims. It is said to be highly venomous and the slightest touch would kill a man. It also had the ability to squirt corrosive acid from its mouth to kill its victims. The Mongolian Death Worm lives in underground caves and comes out only when it has rained and the ground is wet. It likes to eat leaves of a goyo plant.

Roy Chapman Andrews investigated this creature in the 1920s and found that there was no evidence for the beasts existence despite the fact that many Mongolians firmly believed in its existence.

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Does Mongolian Death Worm Exist?

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