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These are very attractive maidens from the waist up and with the lower-half of a fish below. They live in rich undersea worlds of great splendour and can transform into a full human form to attend markets and fairs to buy items. Usually they are seen out at sea on a rock combining their long hair. Although beautiful, they have no souls and lure fisherman to their death. They do this by singing sweet beautiful music. When the sailors are close enough the Mermaid grabs their victim and pulls them under the water to drown them. Sometimes they devour their victims and keep the souls of drowned men in a cage. These cages are kept at the bottom of the sea in their underwater kingdom. Sailors feared the Mermaids so much that they believed that simply seeing a Mermaid would bring bad luck and was usually a dark omen that predicted the death of a sailor. Some Mermaids are human size and are known to swim in rivers and lakes. Some Mermaids are colossal in size and can be as large as 2,000 ft in length.

According to Celtic traditions they can only generate a soul if they marry a human. In India Mermaids are known as Aspara but can also be found in Greek and Babylonian mythology. They also feature in One Thousand and One Nights from Arabian myth where these creatures had the complete body of a human but had the ability to breathe underwater. The underwater cities is similar to a primitive communist society where concepts such as money and clothing does not exist. In British folklore the Mermaids predict doom. They feature in The Ballard of Sir Patrick Spens where a Mermaid sings about the doom of the sailors that are captivated by her song and sail towards her. Mermaids also feature in Chinese mythology where their tears turn into priceless jewels. They can be very simple minded and easy to trap. Their tails were naturally purple and smelled of happiness. However if they faced sadness in their life, their tail would turn to red and smell of sadness. Many a sailor chased these Mermaids in order to smell their purple and red tails.

There have been many recent sightings of Mermaid such as the Benbecula Mermaid that was almost caught by a small boy in Victorian England. They were seen off the coasts of Canada in 1870 - 1890 and in 1967. In August 2009, the Israeli town of Kiryat Yam offered a $1 million for anyone who could prove the existence of the Mermaid that so many people had seen. Many People of the town stated that they saw a Mermaid dive in and out of the water like a dolphin performing aerial tricks.

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