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A fox spirit from the mythology of Japan. They are said to be the servants of the rice-grain god Inari and some believe that Inari is also a fox god. However this is contested as others would state the the fox attendents are the Kimu and the Kitsuen are colsesly associated but are not eh servants of Inari.

They appeared in Japanese folklore during the 17th century and became an accepted part of Japan’s religion. Statues of the Kitsune are commonplace in Japan. The Kitsune had the power to shape-shift and were menacing and troublesome. It was believd that a fox lucky enough to survive 50 - 100 years would evolve a power to be able to transform themselves as they please. The fox would grow an extra tail with each passing century until it possessed 9 tails. By this time it would have reached its full extent and be a creature of much wisdom and extremely powerful. The Kitsune are enemies of the Tanuki and are a sort of gang, so to speak. There is another explanation of how the Kitsune grew its tail. Yami, the Lord of darkness granted a portion of his power to the Kitsune foxes in order to spite the gods. When he gave them some of his power, the Kitsune grew nine tails and attributed powers similar to the gods such as the ability to manipulate nature.

One variation of the Kitsune describes them has having the form of a lady wearing white robes. They seduce men and drain them of their blood. They would also marry these men and bear them a child. These children would grow up to be formidable people with special powers.

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