Jack O' Lantern

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A spectral light that is seen over swamps and marshes. He is said to be the soul of one who has died and has been denied entry to both Heaven and Hell. Before his death, Jack chased the Devil up into a tree. Being the mischievous Jack that he is, he tied symbols of the Cross around the tree. Due to the power of these sacred Crosses, the Devil could not climb down the tree, nor did he want to fall. Jack then demanded that the Devil should not allow him to enter Hell. The Devil promised to do so and Jack let him down. Jack thought that he was now guaranteed a place in Heaven and spent the rest of his days as a trickster and playing pranks on others. When he died, St. Peter did not allow him to enter Heaven for all his trickery and sent him to Hell. However at the gates of Hell the Devil kept his promise and did not allow him to enter. He was thus left to live amongst the living and inhabited the swamps, his soul shining as an orb of light. He is known to be cruel to children and it was customary for children to wear their coats inside out at swamps so that they would blend in the dark and evade the clutches of Jack O’ Lantern.

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