Indos Worms

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A great worm form India that was documented by the ancient Greeks. They came from India and lived in the river Indos. Its average size was 7 cubits long. Their diameter was so large a ten year old boy could barely put his arms around it. It had a big mouth filled with rows of teeth. They were highly predacious animals that ate ox and camels and would also eat any unwary human. However the local people caught the beast by using a kid or lamb as bait. The lamb was dangled in chains leading the beast into a trap. Once trapped it was tied in chains and raised upward with vessels beneath it. The Indos Worm would then release special oils which were captured in the vessels below. These oils were presented to the King and only he could use them. The oil was extremely flammable and could only be extinguished by throwing huge quantities of peat over it.

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