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A sea creature that is said to be like that of a Mermaid but its fish shaped tail was not scaled but of flesh. It had a non-human like face but a human torso with long arms and five webbed fingers. It was spotted by 16th century explorers and of Brazilians. The Igpupiara name comes from a localised name ‘Hipupiara’ meaning ‘Dweller of the Water’. This beast attracted sailors and embraced them lovingly before devouring them. The Igpupiara would only eat the eyes, nose, fingers, toes, breasts and genitalia of their victims. Whenever such mutilated bodies were found on the beaches of Brazil the terrified people wold refuse to fish and would stay clear of that area.

There have been numerous sightings of the Igpupiara between 1575 and 1585 in the region of the coast of San Vicente. Some believe that these creatures were actually sightings of the dolphin.

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