Also known as Hippocamp. (Hippocampi -Plural)

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Hippocampi -Plural

It has the top half of a horse including head neck and forelegs and the lower part of a fish or a dolphin. Many Hippocampi were needed to draw the chariot of the sea of Poseidon. The name comes from the Greek ‘hippos’ meaning horse and ‘kampos’ meaning sea monster. Poseidon was the god of horses as well as the god of the sea and earthquakes. Homer descries Posiedon as driving a chariot pulled by brazen-hoofed horses across the sea. The Hippocampus appears frequently in many art forms of the ancient Greeks and the Etruscans. According to one tail when the city of Helike was submerged by an earthquake the Hippocampi swam free above the city and pulled on the lines of fisherman's rods.

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