Also known as Og of Bashan.

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A Giant from the Rabbinical and Hebrew scriptures. He is sometimes referred to as ‘Hapalit’ which means ‘escapee’. He had many fingers and thumbs on his hands and toes. He was a Giant of immense size that some say the Biblical flood only lapped at his ankles. Others state that he asked Noah if he climb on the roof of his ark to escape the flood. After that he became an adversary to Moses and the Hebrews. On their Exodus, Hapalit placed a huge boulder held stable by his hand to block the path of the Hebrews. Yahweh commanded and army of ants to attack the arms of the Giant who released the boulder in pain. The rock was then thrown by the ants into the teeth of the Giant wounding and eventually killing him. The Giant’s collapsed body became a mountain range form which Moses and his men saw the Promised Land.

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