Also known as Schrat, Elb, Helfrat, Helerich.

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  • Norse Norse (culture)
  • Humanoid Humanoid (attribute)
  • Friendly and Dangerous Friendly and Dangerous (behaviour)

Forest creatures from Scandinavian myth. They were originally spirits of the dead that brought fertility. They were known to cause disease by shooting people with arrows. Where the arrow struck a person that person would develop pain and sickness in that part of the body. The Elves could be appeased with food and offerings in which if accepted the Elves would be king and helpful to humans.

Later they became supernatural beings with a human appearance, described as tall slender looking creatures with long hair. They had no gods but instead they worshiped the trees mountains and waterfalls. According to Celtic folklore, Elves are the same size of a human. It is said that after death one could be elevated to the status of an elf.

According to Anglo-Saxon lore there are two types of Elves, the light Elves (Liosalfar) and dark Elves (Svartalfar). In Germanic myth there are forest Elves called Schrat and the forest Elves in Sweden are called Elvor. There is a Danish variation called Elle-Folk or Elen that are malevolent to humans.

The King of Elves is said to be Oberon who appears in many myths as well as Shakespearse's A midsummer Nights Dream. Another king of the elves is Volund the smith. The Norse god Fey is said to be the ruler of the Light Elves.

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