Drop Bear

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  • Aboriginal Aboriginal (culture)
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The Drop Bear is a large carnivorous creature from Aboriginal belief. It bears close resemblance to the koala. They live on the tops of eucalyptus and gum trees waiting for the right prey to walk underneath. They then ambush their victims by dropping from the trees directly onto their victim's heads. The sheer weight and force of these falling creature knocks out their victim allowing the Drop Bear to devour their prey easily. They are armed with razor sharp teeth and talons. They usually attack at night and will kill many types of creatures including people and beasts that are much bigger than they are.

Outsiders and children were told horror stories of these beasts so that they did not delve to deep into the forests. Some stories of these creatures have been told and believed in quite recently. They include methods on how to deter the Drop Bear. People have advised that if you spread vegemite or toothpaste behind your ears then you lower your chances of being attacked by a Drop Bear. Another method is to wield a large sharp and pointed tool above your head to impale the creature on.

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