Also known as Dgen, Dschin, Genie, Ginn, Jinn, and Junun.

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  • Middle Eastern Middle Eastern (culture)
  • Hellish Hellish (attribute)
  • Humanoid Humanoid (attribute)
  • Deadly Deadly (behaviour)

Demons of Arabian tradition known throughout the Islamic world. They tend to have humanoid ugly appearance and many are savage causing storms, sandstorms and death. Some believe that they are made of air while others maintain that they were born from fire and when they take the form of an animal or human, they have fire in their blood. They can transform into animals and humans and as humans they appear as beautiful women with slit eyes like a snake. Some are friendly like the Genie in the lamp in the adventures of Aladdin. The Genie has the ability to grant wishes. other types of Djinn grant wishes but come with a heavy curse. Other Djinns are hell bent on causing chaos and destruction to mankind.

Since they are spirits, they cannot be killed with ordinary weapons. Such weapons go through them as if they were a ghost. They can be killed with iron is used to bind them.

The Djinns have families like gods and men and are ruled by kings. King Soloman possessed a ring or diamond with which he commanded the Djinns to aid his army in an epic battle. They also feature in the Qr'an in 15:27 where they are described as fiery spirits. Although they are destructive creatures they are worthy of being saved Those that die committing a sever sin may transform into a Djinn after death in the period of barzakh, the separation barrier.

There are different types of Djinns such as the Afreet, Marid, Janns and Shaytans. Some of these Djinns live in Jinnistan while other live with other supernatural beings in the Kaf a mystical emerald mountain that surrounds the earth.

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