Cwn Annwfn

Also known as Gabriel Hounds, Cwn Annwn, Cwn Cyrff, Cwn Mamau and Cwn Wyber

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  • Celtic Celtic (culture)
  • Hellish Hellish (attribute)
  • Mountain Dweller Mountain Dweller (attribute)
  • Deadly Deadly (behaviour)
  • Fairies and Nymphs Fairies and Nymphs (common type)

These are red-eared white fairies that live in the Welsh underworld. Their name means ‘Hounds of the In-World’. They punish wrongdoers by following their scent and chasing them until they can run no more as revenge for how they used to hunt prey. They hunt on the mountain Cadair Idris and their wailing can be heard over these mountains at night. It is said that their growling is loudest when they are further away. When they grow nearer their growling gets softer and death becomes more imminent. When not engaging in hunting on these nights they sometimes are known to hover above a house as a sign of death and can fly.

Some say that they are led by Bran the Blessed. Others say that their master is the Devil or Gwyn Ap Nudd. They come out witht heir master to partake in the wild hunt on these specific nights: the eves of St. John, St. Martin, Saint Michael the Archangel, All Saints, Christmas, New Year, Saint Agnes, Saint David, and Good Friday.

It has also come to belief that these hounds guide the souls of the dead to the Otherworld.

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