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The three-headed dog of Greek mythology that guarded the gates of Hades. Originally he was described by Hesoid the poet as having fifty heads with snakes long its back and body. His function was to not allow any living man to enter Hades. All people who died were destined to go to Hades but those who had done wrong would be punished there. It was born from Typhon and Echidna. Cerberus was deadly and terrifying, anyone who looked upon him would be turned to stone.

Orpheus from Thracia was able to sneak pass by playing lyre to lull the beast to sleep. He then ventured into Hades to find his long lost love, Eurydice the Nymph who had died from a poisonous snake bite. Orpheus then used his lure to enchant the boatman Charon who ferried him across the Sytx lake. Hades and his wife Persephone granted Orpheus his wish and him and his wife could return to the surface as long as he did not look back at her. Before reaching the surface of the earth he glanced back at Eurydice. Eurydice immediately turned to a Ghost and Orpheus was killed by the Maendas, the female worshippers of Dionysus.

It was Hercules twelfth task to overcome Cerberus. Hercules had to kill Cerberus completely unarmed. He was known for his excellent wrestling skills but Cerberus had 50 heads and many snakes. Cerberus lunged for a throat attack but Hercules was wearing his impenetrable lion skin from the Neamean lion. With this protection Hercules strangled the beast to death and presented its corpse to the gods.

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