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In Aboriginal myth the Caterpillars went to the skies as they were curious about what happened after death. When they returned they became butterflies.

There is a painting in the opening of the Mparntwe cave also known as the Alice Spring located in the northern territory in Australia. This painting tells a story about the three caterpillars that existed long ago according to the mythology of the local tribe known as the Arrernte people who have lived in the Alice Springs for 45,000 years.

At one time there were three colossal caterpillars called Yeperenye, Ntyarlke and Utnerrengatye. They live below the earth and wriggled their way up to the earths surface. As they did so they left large tunnels and caves which now form the Emily Gap. These major creation forces met their match when they encountered the Irlperenye, green stink bugs with an aggressive nature. The Caterpillars fought the Irlperenye in which Ntyarlke and Utnerrengatye died. Yeperenye was the only one to survive the fight and he lived on to sculpt the trees and other areas of land.

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