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A mysterious creature that was rarely spotted but was hunted by many European explorers who travelled to the South Americas. It is said to have a shape that is somewhat a cross between a cat or a dog. One Spanish writer, Martin Del Barco Centenera in ‘Argentina’ 1602, documented the creature as having a precious jewel embedded in its forehead. Many have tried to capture this jewel and have failed. It is said that if one sees the precious jewel on its head and tries to capture it out of greed, the Carbuncle will sense this craving and emit a bright ray of light that blinds the person. That person will not get the jewel. The Carbuncle is excellent at sensing the feelings of others and will attack and blind a person with this ray of light even if they carry in their heart even a small amount of greed for treasure. If one runs away in fear of this beast, he or she too will not obtain the jewel. However if one is content in life and does not wish for wealth, the Carbuncle will sense this and will drop the jewel from its head and peacefully walk away.

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