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A fiery snake from the myths of Brazil. It is said to be the Brazilian equivalent to the Will-O-the-Wisp of English folklore. The Boi-Tata name comes from the old Tupi language, Boi meaning ‘fiery’ and tata meaning ‘snake’. The Boi-Tata has fiery eyes, which makes it blind by day but when the sunset and darkness falls, the Boi-Tata can see everything.

One story tells of the serpent having survived the great deluge. A cave anaconda called a boiguacu by Brazilians, left its cave after the deluge and went traveling through the fields the eat any animals or human bodies t could find. It was particularly fond of the eyes and sometimes it ate only these. By eating the eyes it collected the power of sight from its victims which gave this anaconda a fiery gaze.

The Boi-Tata was mentioned by Father Jesuit Jose de Anchieta in 1560. The giant snake protects the forest and the people from those people who cause fires. It lives in the lakes and the river. The BoiTata has the ability to start fires itself. Its power is so strong it can turn a log in the water on fire. The BoiTata was the explanation for forest fires that scientists state are caused by burning gases from the decomposition of organic materials.

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