Also known as Beansidhe

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  • Celtic Celtic (culture)
  • Undead Undead (attribute)
  • Haunting Haunting (behaviour)

With the appearance of either a young women combing her hair with a silver or golden comb or looking like an old lady, the Banshee cries as a dark omen of the death of someone. Her eyes are usually red from all her weeping. At times she is seen as a stately matron. These represent the three aspects of Badhbh, the goddess of death and war. Sometimes she is dressed as a washerwoman, sometimes in a hooded cloak or a grave robe of the dead. In 1437, King James I of Scotland met with a Banshee who foretold of his untimely death at the instigation of the Earl of Atholl. Her cry is so terrible that it shatters glass.

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