Also known as Ananta Sesha, Ananta Shesha.

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The thousand-headed serpent in Indian Mythology. His name means ‘Infinity’. He was created when Balarama, brother to the sun god fell asleep by a shore and Ananta emerged out of his mouth. He moved into the waters and its wriggling movements created the churning of the ocean and an enchanted drink of immortality. It has the ability to spit fire and has an instant deadly poisonous bite. Ananta uses seven of its heads as a bed for Vishnu. Eventually Ananta will destroy the planet as it does at the end of each era.

Ananta is also the name of a Naga King. He is the first of the Naga kings and lived in Thiru-Anantha-Puram. Two other prominent Naga kings were Vasuki and Takshaka.

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