Mythical Creature Links

Here are some other websites that are great resources about other aspects of mythology as well as a great website that delves into fantasy worlds. If you have got any others, I will happily add them if they are suitable.


  • Worlds Without End
    Worlds Without End brings you complete listings of novels, authors and publishers for 10 major awards in Science Fiction and Fantasy.

  • Big Myth
    This is a fantastic interactive website aimed at children to learn about mythology from around the world. Make sure you check out the animations of various creation myths.

  • Saulat
    A website about a spiritualistic healer and Spell caster from India. Provides talismans, and access to magical spells.

  • Fuck Yeah African Mythology
    A blog about African and African diaspora mythology and folklore and religion.

  • The Mystica
    An enormous encyclopedia of all things mythical. A very in-depth resource.

  • The Dragon
    Here Be Dragons - Detailed information about dragon history, life-cycle, physiology, and much more.

  • Timeless Myths
    A collection of myths and legends from Classical Greece and Rome, Norse and Celtic mythology, as well as Arthurian legend.

  • Living Myths
    Retells and comments on Celtic, Greek, Native American and Chinese mythology.

  • Wonders of Ancient Egypt - Learn about the wonders, hieroglyphics, gods, religion and history of ancient and modern Egypt. With info and resources relating to various topics on Egypt.

  • Knowth
    A website that displays pictures and information on ancient Celtic ruins and mounds that have survived to this day!

  • Anomalous Experience
    A website dedicated to all things paranormal.

  • Ghost Story
    A website that specialises in various Ghost stories.

  • Bezoar Mustika Pearls: Shamanic and Pagan Amulets & Charms - Amazing magickal pearls derived from animals and plants! Rare and scarce. Much more powerful than ordinary stones and crystals for healing and other purposes. Each pearl called a bezoar stone or "Mustika" has an elemental spirit attached to it. Investigate the truth of this now!

  • Mysterious Britain & Ireland
    Mysterious Britain & Ireland is a resource and community website dedicated to mysterious places, legends and folklore of the British and Irish Isles.

  • Omastrology
    Find out all about your star signs, with symbols explanations and details on various horoscopes. You can also ask any question about astrology and get a reply within 24 hours.

  • A Former Skeptic
    A former skeptics view of ghosts, hauntings and the paranormal.

  • Heritage Ireland Tours
    Come, immerse yourself in our unique culture and heritage and experience for yourself what makes Ireland one of the most sought after destinations in the world.

  • Shops

  • Dark Knight Armoury
    The finest custom, hand-crafted legal SCA leather armour and LARP leather armor. We carry, medieval swords, functional armour and chain-mail armor.

  • Oak Apple Designs
    All sorts of beautiful ornaments, mythical and cultural sculpted out of wood. These reproductions of Medieval Cathedral ornaments come at a fantastic price at such good quality.

  • Now Spells
    Offering Genie Invocations, Spirits Ceremonies, Talismans and Charms. The site also include information on Magic Rings, Magic Spells such as spells on love and money.

  • Mythical Shoppe
    A great shop for buying ornaments, figurines, gifts and all things mythical.

  • Celtic Wedding Rings
    Are you passionate about your Celtic heritage or just into Celtic styles? Here is a great website selling wonderful rings that are perfect for any wedding.

  • Dragons Keep - Dragon Figurines are the specialty at Dragons Keep. Welcome to a world of myth, fantasy and legend. It sells dragon figurines, ornaments, statues and mythical creatures, including dragons, wizards, witches, magic wands, and much much more with high quality detail on all the products.

  • J & J Creations
    A beautiful site dedicated to Celtic jeweller. Browse and buy gorgeous jewellery from kinds of Celtic and Irish patterns.

  • New Spells
    A very simple, easy to use websites to help find magic spells to increase wealth find love, gain protection, use Black Magic and healing.